GETTING READY FOR AUTUMN! Fall Target home decor haul, cute local coffee shops & Trader Joes Finds

Getting in the fall spirit with this weekly vlog! Gotta start this upcoming fall off with Target home decor.


Super excited to test out my new Target home decor finds in some upcoming flat lay content! There’s just something extra cozy about fall. I used to not be a fan of fall because it always reminded how it was a new school year (and especially during middle/high school I wasn’t the happiest with that thought). But ever since going to college up in Maine and experiencing how magical fall truly is in New England I definitely appreciate the season much more now. Also, I hate hot weather so the fact that the season = cooler weather gets me completely on board!

Anyone else appreciate the fall season more over the years?


This past week I FINALLY made it to this stunning, warm, boho chic inspired cafe up in North New Jersey. Sometimes impromptu coffee trips are all you need. I go into my experience more in my weekly vlog below but I was so impressed with Boca loves Anecho!


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! Catch up with you guys later this week

Lots of love,


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