These past couple weeks I’ve been taking the LadyBossBlogger “How to Make Money as an Influencer” course. At first, I was a bit skeptical, as this course comes at a big cost. But quickly I realized how much valuable information was jam-packed into its seven sections!

You can find the first part of my review of this course here, but keep reading to get my final thoughts on it.


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My final thoughts on the course:

The course contains everything you need to start your blog, market your blog with Pinterest, increase your Instagram engagement and how to professionally do sponsored posts in all forms. I was really impressed with how the course broke it all down for me starting with the very basics.


What the “How to make money as an influencer” course taught me:

  1. Heavily research the brands you want to partner with: it’s so important to ensure that a brand or company aligns with your personal brand and core values. Also, the more research you do before contacting them first place, the better you can express why you are perfect to partner with them.
  2. Pinterest really is the perfect marketing tool: Before this course, I had some knowledge on pinterest but nothing near what I know now. If you research keywords and use templates to create stunning photos for your pins, it can really bring traffic to your website! Also, consistency is key!
  3. The legal sides of social media are super important to pay attention to: Previously, I had no clue how important it is to have proper disclaimers, terms & conditions, etc. Even more so, I didn’t even think about having some sort of document to keep track of any earnings for tax purposes. Any sort of self employment is a whole new world for me.

I could list so much more but that would ruin all the fun wouldn’t it?

If you’re ready to start a course, I’d love for you to use the code ASHLEIGHFAY to get 40% off your purchase of any course at LadyBossBlogger!


Links contain affiliate links. Big thanks again to LadyBossBlogger and Elaine Rau for teaming up with me and sponsoring this post.

Lots of Love,


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